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The Riverdale High prose books were produced in 1992 by Hollywood Press. Written by Michael J. Pellowski with art by Stan Goldberg, these books told contemporary tales of Archie and the gang.

The titles included:

Image:rh_1thumb.jpg The Trouble With Candy

Image:rh_2thumb.jpg Bad News Boyfriend

Image:rh_3thumb.jpg One Last Date With Archie

Image:rh_4thumb.jpg Its First Love, Jughead Jones

Image:rh_5thumb.jpg The Big Breakup

Image:rh_6thumb.jpg Rich Girls Dont Have To Worry

Image:rh_7thumb.jpg Class Clown

Image:rh_8thumb.jpg My Father, The Enemy

Image:rh_9thumb.jpg Is That Arabella?

Image:rh_10thumb.jpg Good-Bye Millions

Image:rh_ssthumb.jpg Riverdale High Super Summer Special #1

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